Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? 

Unlike some of the other writing prompts, two jump to mind immediately. The first is a decision that Nan and I came up with together, mostly to temper my impetuous self that jumps in without thinking--usually this brings a fine time but on occasion, it can bring a slice of regret. We decided to invoke a 24 hour rule when receiving an invitation to something. Usually, when we get an invitation or have an idea that involves inviting a group of people over, I immediately think way cool. Sometimes, when the time arrives, way cool is replaced by holy shit, why oh why did we think this was a good move. So now, when we have an idea that is out of our norm or we receive an invitation, we wait 24 hours to respond, making sure that how we felt when we received the invitation matches how we feel with a renewed day.

Another wise decision revolves around our Thanksgiving visit to Eureka Springs. Since we normally have Thanksgiving with my family, this year presented opportunity since due to schedules and locale, we were not going to have Thanksgiving with them. Thus, in a moment of what I now feel is sheer inspiration, I suggested Eureka Springs to Nan, which she thought was a fabulous idea, and off we went into the unknown.


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