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Coronavirus Days--Week 1

I've been thinking about chronicling what I'm referring to as these times, reigniting my blog writing as a way to remember when fear and uncertainty take their places in history, a way to process my days. Educator friends are encouraging students to journal their days or create audio diaries. Some of my friends are writing daily, and these daily writings can't help but focus on what is happening with COVID-19, and how what is happening happens to us.

Although the virus has been circulating for months, I needed a beginning point to mark my recording, and decided to call this week one, because it has been one week of my adhering to social distancing, one week since I was told to work from home for the rest of the semester, one week since I decided to officially count the ways my days committed to an indefinite change. Prior to this week I did keep my distance from people, as best I could. I did constantly wash my hands. And I did become quite adept at opening and closing bat…

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