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Coronavirus Days--Month 14

It did feel odd to skip a few weeks of my chronicles, and while I was tempted to continue my weekly count, it felt OK to wait until March turned to April, until spring appeared with some hope amidst a world of vaccines. It seems that almost daily, someone I know has received a dose, or the second dose, or has posted their vaccine card on social media. I chose not to post that selfie, that card, but that doesn't mean I didn't celebrate, exhale, and finally feel a sense that life might somehow be heading towards a different, one that perhaps brings a bit of the familiar back into my life. A gorgeous sunrise a couple of days ago helped me smile at the sky and the possibilities of months of exhales. This past week marked the end of the two weeks past my second Moderna vaccine, so I am considered fully protected. The week coincided with my spring break, and while I didn't head back to visit my parents and family yet (that will occur in May), and while I didn't go off to a tr

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