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This Writing Life--Aiming for Rejections

I began 2017 aiming for rejections. Negative? At first glance, it's easy to assume that's the mindset. But now, in the final light of 2017, this intention spurred writing, encouraged finishing, and helped me put more work out into the world than prior years. An original idea? Nope. In late 2016, I read a piece on LitHub called "Why You Should Aim for 100 Rejections A Year." I was sold. It made sense.

Years ago, such a risk would have stopped my writing. I'd spent dollars on therapy trying to figure out why I didn't write (even though I never actually stopped writing). I wrote pieces about quitting writing. I swore that I didn't stand a chance in the world wide of publication. Fear. Yes.

But after years of practice, writing for writing, sending out random bits here and there, and on rare occasions getting an acceptance, I felt ready to commit. Ready to say I have work worthy of reading. Ready to risk rejection.

I created a writing intentions calendar, noti…

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