Finding the moment

Today's task: Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).

Once again, a bit of a stump with the prompt. I'm not sure if the problem is trying to single out one moment, since when I ponder this, nothing in particular jumps to mind or if the difficulty is with the language of "felt most alive this year." I cannot quite quantify the sense of feeling most alive.

And so as I try to write my way through to some meaning, I remember spending three days deeply immersed in my creative process of composing a digital story. And it's here where I land, smack still in the sensations of the experience. It's the anticipation of the creation that brings on an initial state of fear, wondering if my piece will be good enough, wondering how others will react, essentially fearful of putting my creativity out for others to see. But after getting started, all the internal cacophony of my doubt faded into quiet, and I worked hard at getting my voice right, finding the right words to convey my experience, excited to get feedback from those around me.

After working all day on the story, I would go home energized, spending the night looking for visuals and audio that I wanted to incorporate. I'd unbury boxes of the past, and breathe in the old papers and photos, looking for the perfect moment. And three days after the initial start, I sat around a room with my fellow group of storytellers, and watched my piece have its moment of celebration, big on a screen, a triumphant reclaiming of my story.

Placing my creativity back in a public realm, perhaps is that moment.


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