A day late again on the prompt, but still, here goes:
Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011? 

Over the last year, I have discovered new pockets of community at work. No surprise, in a way, since the vast majority of my time seems to be spent at work. Over the summer, I took a golf class with a few colleagues, and even though I have known some of them via hallway conversations, it was only this summer that we bonded in a new way. Perhaps it was the shared struggles when Tim, our teacher, would tell us to hold it this way and we found the golf ball only going slightly forward, but still forward. When we would go out on the course together, we would be one big cheerleading squad for each other, always congratulating each other's shots, even if they were mere dribbles ("look it went straight"). The comraderie helped make a leisurely stroll along the golf course an afternoon of smiles and friendship.

Another pocket of community also gave rise at work, though this time it was born out of necessity due to a rotten work situation. Yes, it's that situation again that cannot be named but that took all the life out of an otherwise wonderful semester with students. When a couple of colleagues ran into an issue with a supervisor and filed a grievance in Human Resources, a support group arose. Through all the disappointments, mixed messages, and sheer amazement at the levels of bullshit that exist, four of us stood together, constantly supporting each other, listening when others didn't really listen, hugging when only a hug could soften the frustration and emotional toil the day had wrought. I have my newfound sistahs.

As for the coming year, I'm hoping to find a community to surround my writing. Since I am registered for a writing class right after the new year, I'm anticipating finding other like-minded writers looking for inspiration to write, looking for encouragement to write, and looking for others to support a journey into writing.


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