Don't Dismiss Ted

Honestly, I had not given the movie Ted any serious thought. I wondered how a film about a talking teddy bear could have any merit, let alone sustain my attention for more than twenty minutes, even if it had cutie Marky Mark Wahlberg in the star role. When a friend recently asked me if I was planning to go (knowing my movie buff habits), describing the film as about a teddy bear who curses lots and is crass, I immediately said, "No. Why would I want to go see something like that?"

Well, today changed all that. With a movie date planned with a pal, I began to roam around metacritic, reading reviews of some of our possibilities (Bel Ami; Your Sister's Sister; Peace, Love, and Understanding) and seeing that all were simply rated mediocre (some a bit better than others). Then, I decided to look up reviews for Ted, and without reading much more than the synopsis of the review, I decided that based upon its score and nature, it was worthy of an early July summer movie viewing (the kind of film that takes little brain power).

I confess, I like my movies crass. Adolescent boy humor of fart jokes and big boobs makes me feel oh so adolescent in a way that I can relate, much more than the girly adolescent. So, the possibility of watching a foul mouthed teddy bear became appealing--he sits plastered to the couch, smoking out of a bong, chilling out with his best friend John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg). Together, they brave thunderstorms, guzzle tons of beer, and essentially act like a bunch of stoned adult teeners enamored with Flash Gordon.

While I love Ted's sassiness and downright disregard for anything proper (what else might you expect from the creator of Family Guy), it is his steadfast love with John that carries me through the film. They're bros, and no matter what happens, they are forever linked, a pledge from childhood. I laughed throughout the film (I dare you to try to view it without laughing), and I even shed some tears in an extremely sentimental spot (watch it to see where). Don't overlook this film, just because you think it's a fucking stupid movie about a teddy bear--it's much more.


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