There's a new blog in town

Adios You've been a kind friend since October 2004, always there, always ready, always accepting. I know that I, on the other hand, have not been as faithful, sometimes not communicating for months at a time. Circumstances spoke and with the closing of blog-city, I had to look for a new home, and here it is. I have decided to abandon the midgebop label for the blog, feeling like I should clearly own my name and attach it to my writing (no more stealth).

And this is not an obituary for a blog, nor even a farewell party. It is more of a celebration for a revitalized new blog that reflects my new engagement with writing. While the past years seem to have been exclusively devoted to writing and revising Sourceplay, my text with Liz Kleinfeld, I have been recapturing my creative spirit and need to write (hopefully future entries to come detailing some of those recent writing inspirations).

 When first setting up this blog, I pondered reshaping the blog, giving it a specific angle rather its former self made up of academic musings, food obsessions, film reviews, travel bits, and random thoughts. But that is me, and so with a renewed partnership with my writing, more to come.


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