On my 51st year

When I turned 50 last year, I thought I might have all these milestones to achieve. Prior to the big 5-0, I came up with a ridiculous list that included 50 in all the entries:
  • Post a blog entry daily for 50 consecutive days
  • Write 50 thangs (poems, essays, stories) within the year
  • Practice banjo for 50 days in the year
  • Exercise 50 minutes a day several times a week
  • Eat out at 50 different restaurants
And probably many more along the same vein of ridiculousness. The year passed, as most other years, fulfilling nothing on the imaginary list (although perhaps the restaurants, but I wasn't keeping track).

Now in my 51st year, I look back and see that I did accomplish some things that I wished to get back on track. It seems that with each year that passes, I moan about my lack of writing, my inability to set a priority to make my creativity happen; I obsess about not getting into a regular exercise regime so I can feel better about my body; and I ponder undertaking some major cleaning/sorting projects in the house (e.g. the garage, the kitchen cabinets, my bookshelf).
  • I kickstarted my writing. Over the summer I took a digital story workshop and created a digital story, and I wrote and revised some poetry, sharing it with a colleague for some informal feedback.
  • This fall, I have carried over the writing from the summer, taking a travel writing class with Nan from Shari Caudron: finishing brief 250-500 word pieces, sharing writing in class as a student, and analyzing travel essays that veered away from some traditional travel essays. Enjoyed the class so much, that I am strongly considering taking an essay writing class this spring.
  • I started this blog, inspired to continue my writing with a bit of regularity (no prunes necessary)
  • Over the summer, with plenty of time, I got back into an exercise regime that helped me feel healthy and fit. Whether I was biking 20 miles, taking Sasha for long walks, or hiking, I didn't obsess so much about an ideal weight and look.
  • This fall, I still struggle to regain that regular exercise habit since that is the first thing that falls when my schedule gets busy. I have managed to take a yoga class most weeks, and I am feeling more and more drawn back to the gym to get back into an exercise schedule.
It seems that if I don't consciously set goals, they are somehow implicitly there, nestled in the back of my psyche. Banjo--it's your turn next.


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