Coronavirus Days--Week 51

It was this coming week when I left campus, grabbing what I thought I would need, perhaps for that semester, but never thinking it would be two more semesters taught from home. Some files, some books, and my workstation with a monitor would have been loaded into my car to help provide a more complete work environment in my house. I might have avoided some back aches. But this week one year ago, the virus still seemed like it could disrupt, but not ravage lives/the way we live, and I still believed, that I might be traveling to NYC for my spring break at the end of the month.

We know how the story goes. Plans canceled. Days became measured in weeks, in seconds, in months. And now, at the end of Week 51 of my chronicles, 

I wait.

For the time when it feels safe to travel to New Jersey, stay with my sister who is not yet vaccinated, to visit my parents who are vaccinated but have a 14 day quarantine rule for people coming from out of town/traveling.

For the CDC recommendations for people who are vaccinated (I get my second shot next weekend). I find recommendations reassuring since I know the rules to follow. I've followed them. When Denver said you shouldn't travel more than 10 miles from your home, unless essential, I didn't.

For warm spring days when it feels safe again to hang out with a friend, out of doors at a brewery, grabbing a fresh draft and talking, seeing each other's faces, feeling presence.

For when it feels like a real possibility to plan a trip with Nan, somewhere we can drive, somewhere we can be without masks some of the time (like an air bnb), where we can observe something unusual, not expected, not part of our pandemic routine.

Since the blog is coming upon a full year of writing, which I did not expect when I started these "Coronavirus Days," I am going to move to more of a monthly blog, since truthfully, I am not sure how long and far these chronicles will go.


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