Coronavirus Days--Week 32

 I've been prepping today, readying myself for those dark days of winter when it is too cold, too icy, too something too much for me to venture outdoors for walking and staring at the sky. Whitman too is not much for the cold, so he happily hung out indoors, only venturing out to do his dog business. Honestly, I enjoyed the quieting down, the hunkering low, knowing that it wouldn't last more than a couple of days since later in the week promises some warmer temps, days when I can walk, venture for a run (if smoke isn't choking the skies), hang safely outdoors with a friend having a drink knowing that in probably less than a month, that will be a memory.

Lately I'm on a mission to dig deep into my freezer and start emptying it some, since it has been a steady full, typical and not pandemic induced. I like to cook, and I don't know how to cook for just two, so there are always leftovers, and they usually get stored for later, when I want to eat something not made fresh in that moment. Today, I lightened the load by removing bananas and making some banana bread, perfect for the snow, fresh from the oven, good for days to come. Ready for a snack in the evening, a second breakfast, with a bowl of homemade chicken soup, my lunch I'm planning tomorrow, because thinking about food always makes me happy.
And I need all the happy I can get in these countdown days to the election. 


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