Coronavirus Days--Week 2

Even though it feels way beyond two weeks, as days sometimes morph into an imagined eternity, it is the end of Week 2 of deliberate stay at home, avoiding people.

There isn't much steady in my days, except for many check-ins with the news, facebook strolling, communication with a friend or colleague, eating and hanging with Nan, and being soothed by my 60 pound cuddlebutt Whitman. So, yes, there is routine. I walk, everyday, beginning early while the world is still quiet, but not too early since coffee and some reading always mark the start of my day. That hasn't changed. Whit and I walk several miles, these days picking new routes, just for something different than the day before. He's been practicing physical (aka social) distancing for most of his five years, wary of strange dogs and people. We're used to crossing streets when I notice someone half a block down the sidewalk. We're used to walking out into the street, off the sidewalk, if both sidewalks are taken with people or dogs. I'm used to walking, just me and the dog.

Some afternoons I take another stroll, alone, just to notice and breathe air outside the inside. One day during Week 2, I decided to wander along South Broadway, noting places that were open, like an automotive shop, and many many places that were closed or doing business differently. Just like COVID-19 doesn't differentiate between age/class/location/gender, it also cuts across a wide variety of businesses. Life is not the same.


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