The Night Edie Kissed Me

It was just a simple peck on the cheek. The kind that lingers. Not because of a turn on. Not because of confusion. Not because of loneliness.

I didn't know who Edie Windsor was in 2012, when I attended the National LGBTQ Task Force's annual Creating Change Conference. Her room was across the hall from mine, and we both stood outside our doors, trying to get our keys to work, unsuccessfully. Neither of us was frustrated, and together we took the elevator down to registration. We might have exchanged names, and if we did, she was only Edie.

The following evening, I met her again, this time in a hospitality suite. My friend introduced us, and Edie gave me a hug, followed by a gentle peck on my cheek. Her way of greeting. Her welcome.

It wasn't until the following day at a legislative update session in the early morning that I was fully introduced to Edie. During the session, updates focused around gay marriage, highlighting a current court case that might ultimately test the definition of marriage. The speaker then pointed and introduced Edie Windsor, giving details about her case and how it might move its way up to the Supreme Court.

I followed Edie over the years, reading articles, rooting for her case to make history, tearing up so joyously when she won, when we won. In 2014, standing on Fifth Avenue watching the Pride Parade, I waved to her as she waved to the huge crowds, knowing that her courage, her strength, her activism would be smiling down on me and Nan when we married two days later.

Tonight Edie, I salute you. And say thank you. Thank you.


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