Election Night

It is election night, and I am alone in my basement with a world of friends. Originally, I imagined going to my neighbor's house to watch the election returns, a party in the making.  But due to the anxiety all my friends seem to have surrounding this election, most people I know have chosen to sit this through alone in their homes, only surrounded by pets and a partner.

One television station is not enough for me. While Rachel Maddow holds my center stage, my steady barometer calling things carefully and cautiously, I also dash quickly between the Huff Post, NY Times, and my local news station, comparing results, happy when they all align.

In between reads of the electoral tally, I shift to Facebook, wondering what friends have posted, hoping to catch a bit of the optimism train. It's electric. When I post the win of Elizabeth Warren!!!, only to see friends Like it immediately and post their own cheers for her win, I realize I am at an election party, thrown by social media.

We high five each other in small status screens. We cheer with our ENTHUSIASM!!! and are careful not to celebrate too quickly.

And while the mantra is too close to call, I will remain steady, hopeful, ready to celebrate online.


  1. I was alone with a world of friends, too, and it rocked. Facebook was electric. You captured it so well here!


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