National Day On Writing

This year's #WhatIWrite twitter hashtag for the National Day on Writing inspired me to think beyond the literal of what I write. Rather than think of a list, I immediately went to the why of what I write. 

I write what I write because I have a lot to say about things. And if I say all those things aloud, people will label me chatty, self absorbed, or a bit off kilter. Blogging saves me from such a demise. 

I write what I write because it's my job. Scribbled comments in the margins of student papers, multimodal assignments, revisions of to-do lists, constant emails, and content for class are a reminder of my place in the semester, of weeks behind and weeks forward. 

I write what I write because I am quirky. It's easy to fantasize my normality when I don't put a detailed lens to my obsessive tendency to recycle vegetables and other leftovers into new life, my obsessive reliance on google to help me figure out anything medical, and my preoccupation with anything related to food. My essays need this character trait.

I write what I write because I have to. When I don't, I am missing.

Musical Inspiration: Brandi Carlile, Ingrid Michaelson


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