Snow Day

Today, with the first snow of the season, I got lucky. I don't have classes on Wednesday, but most of the time I have work that brings me to campus. Today, though, I did not have any need to leave my home, and so, as I write this, I am still in my pajamas, waiting for my daily shower. With a steady quiet outside, I spent many moments staring out my kitchen window into the backyard, watching the light flakes fall and the heavy piles droop the huge tree limbs (Nan and I did relieve them). Today, I had time.

And with that time,

  • I had a cooking marathon. Homemade vegetable broth, roasted gold nugget squash, baked eggplant and tofu (to mix into tonight's Soba noodle stir fry), roasted beets. Roasting hard winter squashes takes time--time to cut the squash without cutting myself (OK, small nick), to scoop the seeds, to wait for the cooking, to cool, to scoop the bright golden orange, to clean up. 
  • I caught up on grading.
  • I read and prepped for tomorrow's class.
  • I crossed items off of my to-do list that had found themselves on several previous versions of the to-do list.
  • I chatted with a missed friend.
  • I got to hug Nan throughout the day since she too took a snow day.
  • I reflected on my work. This, I don't give myself time to do very often. Another blog to come on contract grading and student reflection.
  • I listened to podcasts.
  • I returned to my blog.


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