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30 Days

I'm not one for religious practices, but I do like ritual, perhaps embedded from growing up with a mother who felt that certain rituals mattered. While I was forced to go to Hebrew school and be bat mitzvahed , I never felt drawn to practice much Judaism beyond the gastronomic customs associated with particular holidays. During years of attending synagogue when young and for various religious holidays, I always noted the mourner's kaddish , how those honoring a deceased would rise and recite. Over the past few years, with my parents aging and their health deteriorating, I often said to myself I should finally learn the prayer beyond the first line. Yet, I did not, and when it came time for me to recite kaddish standing beside my mother's grave, I read the transliteration, reciting as best as possible in that moment. Since I didn't fully understand the rituals associated with honoring the death of a parent, I did a bit of light research. I knew about sitting shiva, havin

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