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Coronavirus Days--Moving Forward

When I began the chronicles in March 2020, I never imagined that I would be posting for an entire year. Now that I no longer feel as though I am living in the midst of the pandemic, spending hours chronicling rates of infection/hospitalizations/outbreaks, it is time to put the chronicles to an end. I still hope to continue random blogging/writing, since the consistency of this has been good for me, but the focus will no longer be exclusively on the world of COVID-19. Since being vaccinated, I have begun to slowly reenter the world. Reuniting with friends, venturing on walks without a mask, thinking about the possibilities of travel. And most recently, I finally got to reunite with my parents and sister, something I had not done for almost 1.5 years. Leading up to the plane flight, my anxiety kicked in, wondering if I would find myself in a swarm of people breathing germs and virus my way. I double masked and kept away from people in the airport. Once I boarded the plane, I found myself

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